Atmega128 development board

  • үнэ: 90000 төг

ATMEGA128 Development Board is a powerful development platform based on ATMEGA128 microcontroller which is one of the most feature rich AVR microcontroller from Atmel, featuring 128K Flash, 4K RAM, 53 I/O lines arranged in seven 8 bit ports, 8 ADCs, 2 UARTs, 4 timers, 8 interrupts and much more. This board is ideal for developing embedded applications involving high speed wireless communication, USB based data logging, real time data monitoring and control, interactive control panels etc.

  • Microcontroller: ATMEGA128 with 14.7456 MHz crystal (Also supports ATMEGA2560, ATMEGA1280, ATMEGA640 )
  • Power: 7 to 15V, AC or DC, Heat sink on 7805 for better current rating
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • 2.4GHz ZigBee (XBee) wireless module adaptor
  • 2×16 Character Alphanumeric LCD
  • SD / MMC Card Holder
  • True USB to Serial converter at compatible with CMOS / TTL levels
  • Connector for 8 servo motors
  • DS1307 based Real-Time Clock with Battery Backup
  • ULN2003 7 channel 500mA driver
  • L293D 600mA Dual DC motor Driver
  • RS232 serial interface
  • 3 Analog Potentiometers
  • 8 Switches
  • 8 LEDs
  • Double side high quality PTH PCB for added strength.
  • Switches: Boot, Reset, Power
  • 10 pin FRC connectors for all ports
  • Schematics and Application examples in AVR studio provided in the documentation CD

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