Grove Starter Kit for LinkIt 7688 Duo

  • үнэ: 200,000 төг


      The kit contains 9 selective Grove modules and the Smart 7688 Duo breakout board to get you quickly started with LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo under Arduino environment. It has an online tutorial with step-by-step instructions. People can learn more about open source hardware and cloud service, as well as to build up projects with this kit.


  • – Plug-n-play Grove interfaces. No breadboard, no jumper wires or soldering
  • – Designed for smart-home applications
  • – All essential and basic functional modules included
  • – Detailed and completed tutorial

Part List


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Technical Details

Weight G.W 291g
Battery Exclude

Part List

Grove – Light Sensor 1
Grove – Infrared Emitter 1
Grove – Infrared Receiver 1
Grove – Encoder 1
Grove – Touch Sensor 1
Grove – OLED Display 0.96″ 1
Grove – Temperature & Humidity Sensor 1
Grove – Relay 1
Grove – Gas Sensor (MQ2) 1
IR Remote Control 1
Smart 7688 Duo breakout board 1

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