LinkIt ONE

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What is LinkIt ONE

        The LinkIt ONE development board is an open source, high-performance board for prototyping Wearables and IoT devices. It's based on the world's leading SoC for Wearables, MediaTek Aster (MT2502) combined with high-performance Wi-Fi (MT5931) and GPS (MT3332) chipsets to provide you with access to all the features of MediaTek LinkIt. It also provides similar pin-out features to Arduino boards, making it easy for you to connect to various sensors, peripherals, and Arduino shields.

LinkIt ONE is a co-design product by Seeed Studio and MediaTek. It brings together the parties' knowledge in open hardware and industry-leading reference designs for Wearables and IoT devices to create this powerful development board.

LinkIt ONE development is fully supported on the MediaTek Labs site: check out the LinkIt sectionandregister here to download the SDK, participate in the Forums, and more.


LinkIt ONE


All-in-one features All-in-one features

Includes ARM7 EJ-S™, GSM, GPRS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth BR/EDR/BLE, GPS, Audio codec, and SD card connector on a single development board

Rich-Compatibility Rich-Compatibility

Pin-out similar to Arduino boards, including Digital I/O, Analog I/O, PWM, I2C, SPI, UART and power supply, compatible with Grove 4-pin interface

Strong Extensibility Strong Extensibility

Provides various interfaces for connecting to most sensors, peripherals, Groves, and other widgets

Your Wearable/IoT Turkey Solution Easy Prototyping

You are what you wear. Using LinkIt ONE together with MediaTek LinkIt SDK (for Arduino) you will be able to easily turn your ideas into practical prototypes and make them a reality with the Seeed productization and agile manufacturing service.

Schematic Diagram

Schematic diagram

LinkIt ONE is built to offer similar pin-out to the popular Arduino boards ,4-pin grove interfaces and peripheral interfaces, making it easy to add sensors, peripherals, and Arduino Shields to LinkIt ONE and create fully featured wearable and IoT device prototypes. Here you can reach some widgets to have a comprehensive understanding of this platform, and we will develop more one after another.


LinkIt ONE is paicked in the protective box, along with a quick start guide, pin-out diagram relevant user mannual and accessories. The box is designed to protect the LinkIt ONE from can prevent the shocks and impact. And for retailer which you may hang on the box in your a physical store, the box may include with a pendant from which it can be hung for display.

Packaging box LinkIt ONE Antenna Polymer li-ion Battery
Box LinkIt ONE Board Antenna Polymer li-ion Battery

Technical Details

Dimensions 108mm x 75mm x 33mm
Weight G.W 106g
Battery Lithium Cells/Batteries packed with equipment UN3481 -PI966
Chipset MT2502A (Aster)
Core ARM7 EJ-S™
Clock Speed 260MHz
PCB Size
Dimensions 3.3 x 2.1 inches
Flash 16MB
Battery Jack 3.7~4.2V Li-battery
DC Current Per I/O Pin 0.3~3mA
Digital IO Pins
Pin Count 16 (D0~D13, SDA, SCL)
Voltage 3.3v
Analog Input Pins
Pin Count 3 (A0, A1, A2)
Voltage 0~5V
PWM Output Pins
Pin Count 2 (D3 and D9)
Voltage 3.3v
Max Resolution 13bit
Frequency (Resolution) 1.6KHz (13bit) / 50.8KHz (8bit) / 800KHz (4bit)/ (customizable)
External Interrupts
Pin Count 2 (D2 and D3)
I2C (master only)
Set Count 1 (SDA, SCL)
Speed 100Kbps, 400Kbps, 3.4Mbps
SPI (master only)
Set Count 1 (MOSI, MISO, SCK, SS)
Speed 104Kbps~26Mbps
Set Count 1 (TX/RX)
Voltage 3.3v
Set Count 1
GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
GPRS Class 12
Bluetooth BR/EDR/BLE (Dual Mode)
Wi-Fi (MT5931) 802.11 b/g/n
User Storage
Flash 10MB
SD Card Up to 32GB (Class 10)
Executable Size
RAM (Code+RO+RW+ZI+Heap) 2MB

Part List

LinkIt One 1

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