RD flame sensor module 5 IR

  • үнэ: 25000 төг

On-board M3 mounting holes for easy installation; 3.3V~9V power supply, is compatible with most of the single-chip microcomputer system; SMD devices are used in all SMT process automatic soldering, military quality you can trust; Flame wavelength measurement range: 700~1100nm of short wave IR (SW-NIR), output via voltage signal.

1. USES five ways flame sensor design, wide detection range (ordinary single sensor detection range of the flame at around 30°, with the increase of distance, scope gradually decreases, and the product detection range is greater than 120° )
2. To the output digital signal (v), easy to use
3. Can output analog signal (voltage), can be more precise measurement signals, suitable for the occasion of high precision
4. All five road output have status indicators, make no matter in the debug or in practice has brought great convenience
5. Digital output detection distance is adjustable, analog output sensitivity is adjustable, design more flexible
6. 1% resistance design (the flame sensor are available in the market with 5% of the design of resistance), signal output more accurate, is suitable for the occasion needs high precision measurement
7. On-board 3 M3 mounting holes, convenient installation
8. 3.3 V and 9 V power supply, can be compatible with most of the single chip microcomputer system
9. SMT components are all made of SMT process fully automatic welding, military quality trustworthy


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