RD tracking sensor module 5 pair IR

  • үнэ: 20,000 төг

BFD - 1000 is specifically designed as a black line (white) tracking, especially suitable for the complex black and white line, cross black and white line detection.it has 6 road high sensitivity infrared sensor (5 escapes patrol, 1 road). To the recognition of black and white line accurately.


  1. Integrating 5 path high sensitivity tracking sensors, soldom impacted by other environmental. It can accurate tracking to complex black line (white line).For the simple black line tracking, it is more easier. Black output low level, white line output high level.
  2. Integrating 1 path infrared obstacle-avoidance sensor. Obstacle-avoidance distance can be regulated by the adjustable rheostat (0 to 10 cm)When there are obstacles, it output high level.
  3. Integrating a specially designed touch detection sensor, makes the design of the robot simpler
  4. The modules are all high and low level signal output, conveniently connected with MCU
  5. All sensor output state has LED lights as instructions, conveniently debugging
  6. Working voltage is 3.0 5.5 v, meeting the demand for most systems
  7. The input voltage: 3.0 to 5.5 V
  8. Tracking distance: 0 to 3 cm (black and white line sensor)
  9. Barrier distance: 0-6 cm (adjustable distance detection)
  10. The output format: high and low level signal


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