SMA 2.4G 2DB Antenna with SMA connector

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SMA 2.4G 2DB Antenna

SKU: 6564
Part Number: SMA 2.4G 2DB Antenna
Brand: Waveshare

Package content:

  • SMA 2.4G 2DB Antenna × 1

Weight: 0.01 kg


The SMA 2.4G 2DB Antenna is an antenna for 2.4G wireless devices which using SMA Male interface.

SMA 2.4G 2DB Antenna specification:

  • – SMA Male connector: Inside Thread, Male central Pin
  • – Power-gain: 2DB
  • – Frequency band coverage: 2.4G-2.5G
  • – Signal emission: 360° omni-directional
  • – Length: 10.8cm


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