USB to TTL PL2303HX brush board module STC

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1. Various satellite set-top box upgrade
2. Routers, hard drives, ADSL, broadband cat or crack upgrade firmware upgrade
3. Mobile phones, XBOX360, GPS serial communications, automotive testing, DVD, etc. Brush
4. STC microcontroller programming, NXP microcontrollers, Renesas MCU, NEC MCU, etc.
5. simple serial communication, HyperTerminal common serial debugging tools
6. Electronics enthusiasts can use the USB signals to TTL signals


1. imported brand new original control chip PL2303HX, high-speed stability Brush
2. with 500mA resettable fuse overcurrent protection
3. Set two real-time monitoring of data transmission indicator data transfer status
4. reserved 3.3V and 5V pin interface to facilitate the needs of different voltage supply systems Brush
5. The interface pin parallel with the board, rather than the board to be mounted vertically, leads DuPont wire brush when convenient
6. Entire circuit board with high quality transparent heat shrink tubing coated PCB circuit so insulated from the outside world into to protect accidental short circuit boards are burned metal, due to the use of transparent material, it does not affect the board pick. Opening screen viewing and light monitoring results.
7. product packaging using static bag sealed packaging to ensure the quality of the board is not damaged before use
8. support XP, WIN7 systems

Red LED power indicator
Blue LED indicator serial receiver
Blue LED indicator light to send the serial


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