XD-80 LDR module

  • үнэ: 3500 төг

Light level detection, light intensity sensors, smart car to find the light module.

1. Photoresistor module most sensitive to ambient light, generally used to detect the brightness of ambient light, the trigger or relay module, microcontroller;
2.The module when the ambient light levels reach the set threshold, DO -side output high, when the ambient light level exceeds the set threshold, DO output low end;
3. DO output can be directly connected to the microcontroller through the microcontroller to detect high and low, thereby detecting the brightness of ambient light to change;
4. DO OUR outputs can directly drive a relay module, which can be composed of an optical switch.

1. Using the sensitive type photoresistor sensor
2. The comparator output signal clean, good waveform , driving ability , than 15mA.
3. With adjustable potentiometer to adjust the brightness of the light detection
4. Operating voltage 3.3V-5V
5. The output format: digital switching output ( 0 and 1 )
6. A fixed bolt holes for easy installation
7. A small PCB board size : 3.2cm x 1.4cm
8. Using a wide voltage comparator LM393


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