2.2 Inch Serial TFT SPI LCD Screen Module

  • үнэ: 18000 төг


- SPI serial, less I/O port need
- Controller: ILI9341
- PCB adapter for LCD
- Just need 5 IO port (analog SPI), or direct hardware SPI (fast), you can drive the input voltage support 5V / 3.3V, ILI9341 drive
- Suitable for beginners who are new to touch the color screen, LCD lovers who pursuit display effect and the microcontroller enthusiasts learners


– Driver IC: ILI9340C
– Display size: 2.2 inch
– On-board SD card
– With regulator IC support 5V / 3.3V
– Resolution: 240 x 320(RGB)
– Interface: 4-Wire SPI(supports hardware SPI)
– Color depth: 262K / 65K
– Active area: 33.84 x 45.12mm
– Size: 40.10 x 55.20 x 2.35mm(W x H x D)

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