Rechargeble lithium battery charging board

  • үнэ: 4000 төг


- Charging method: linear charge 1%
- Charging current: 1A adjustable
- Charge accuracy: 1.5%
- Input voltage: 4.5V-5.5V
- Full charge voltage: 4.2V
- Charging indicator: Red charging green full charge
- Charging input interface: Mini USB
- Working temperature: -10°C to +85°C
- Reverse: NO
- Size: 25 x 19 x 10mm


– Ampere meter can only be connected to 5V input end of the module.
– It is better that the charging current is 37% of the battery capacity. If you charge to the battery of 1000mAH, current of 400 is enough.
– The connection wire should not be too long.
– Make sure the connect point is good.
– If the input voltage is too high, like 5.2V, the current will be less than 1000mA, it is normal. It is protection function, Auto-substract the charging current to avoid burn damage to chip.
– Input reverse has no effect on the chip, but the output (battery terminals) reverse will burn chips.


This module is used for single-or multi-section parallel lithium lithium rechargeable battery, charging from the USB port to take power.

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